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Providing Mission Critical, Top-notch Talent

The standard of excellence displayed by M9 Solutions’ employees and consultants, which our customers have come to rely on, is maintained through our established recruitment, employment, and redeployment best practices.

Offering Consultants the Right Combination for Success:


M9 Solutions maintains strong relationships with our customers. With direct manager contact, we are able to provide timely feedback and up-to-date consultants.

The transparency facilitated by our detailed, direct communication also
allows us to obtain and establish accurate timelines and expectations for both our customers and consultants.

This level of communication continues throughout our consultants’ tenure with M9 Solutions to ensure proper feedback.

Consultant Care

We strive to establish and maintain outstanding, long-lasting relationships with our consultants.

In addition to open, honest, and frequent communication, we offer competitive salary, benefits, and bonus packages and customer required training that will enhance and broaden your skillset.

Our goal is to provide you with the insight to choose your ideal project and to establish a long-standing relationship between you and M9 Solutions.


M9 Solutions’ entire business is based on the relationships we establish and keep.

Our mission is always to provide you with projects that will entice your interest, build your career and knowledge base, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

We work with you and our customers directly to redeploy you to the next project best suited to you and your career goals.

Key Skillset Offerings

Cloud Applications/Infrastructure
M9 Solutions works with all major Cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Google Cloud. Our customers have needs for Cloud Analysts, Cloud Architects, Cloud Security Managers, and more.

As one of the most rapidly emerging trends in our business, cybersecurity is one of our clients’ largest areas of demand. We work directly with our customers to ensure we provide them with the best talent there is to offer.

With our dedicated ERP/BI recruiters, sales team, and talented consultants, we staff projects with all major systems integrators.

Our customers work in complex Agile, IoT, and Digital custom environments utilizing many tools, including Microsoft .NET, Python, Java, Ruby, RoR, JBoss, Angular, etc. M9 Solutions works closely with our customer managers to ensure the best fit for your skillset.

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