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Nov 17, 2020 | A message from M9's VP of Operations

Post By: Ethel Formichelli, Vice President of Operations 

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of M9 Solutions for nearly a decade. During that time, I’ve witnessed our company capitalize on its massive potential through a sustained focus on its culture and the resulting hard work by everyone on our team. The positive change and growth we’ve experienced has afforded me the ability not only to grow my own professional career, but to assist others to do the same. And we’ve done it while managing to have a lot of fun along the way.

Without question, M9’s most impressive attribute is its commitment to the belief that every voice matters. Decisions both large and small are discussed, validated, and agreed upon in a round-table style. It’s refreshing to be a part of a company that gives its employees a platform to be heard, because it firmly believes in the talent and expertise of the people it hires – and the knowledge that the “best idea wins” creates a positive working environment where everyone feels motivated to bring their best ideas forward.

M9’s culture has changed the way I work, how I manage my teams, how I interview, and who I hire. When screening candidates I look for new team members who enjoy working hard, who come from diverse backgrounds, who display a forward-thinking mindset, and who appreciate that while they may not have the winning opinion every time, they will be heard and M9 feels their voice is important. Even amid the abrupt transition to working remotely this past year, we have been able to add exceptional new members to our team and have maintained and built on our positive and dynamic team environment.

In addition to ensuring all team members have a voice, M9 does all we can to improve our offerings to employees each year, in every way we can. We ask the questions, we welcome the suggestions, we LISTEN, and we ACT.  

During my tenure at M9 Solutions, I’ve watched us grow from six employees to more than 100. I believe our ambitious 2021 goal is achievable because of the company’s inclusive culture, and our firm commitment to the professional wellbeing of every single employee. I’m eagerly looking forward to our amazing team’s continued success and growth, and all that we can accomplish together.

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