About Us


  • In 2007, our founder and CEO James was looking for a hassle free way to choose a name for the company, so he opted for the first letter of his family name, “M”, and his jersey number from his baseball days, the number “9”. M9 Solutions was born.
  • The object you see to the left of M9 in our logo is intended to represent a modern take on an Irish-Celtic Trinity Knot. It’s a nod to our founder’s Irish heritage, but also much more.
  • Trinity Knots have a long history of symbolism for many people throughout human existence, representing an eternal commitment so strong that it cannot be undone.
  • In modern times, Trinity Knots are seen as a symbol of eternity, unity, love and dedication, not just in Ireland but worldwide.
  • Inside the knot, you can also see 9 strands, symbolizing the 9 core values of M9.
  • The red, white and blue colors of our logo tie directly to the colors of the American flag, recognizing our proud and patriotic commitment to America’s citizens, military, government and way of life.


  • 2007: M9 was founded in Atlanta GA by our CEO, James McKee. James led consulting operations for Oracle North America and originally founded M9 as a Fortune 500 Staffing Firm, serving the commercial sector.
  • 2014: M9 won our first federal sub-contract with Accenture Federal Services on the Healthcare.gov program, beginning the M9 pivot to the public sector.
  • Today: M9 is 100% focused on delivering the digital future to the public sector.


James McKee

James McKee

Founder & CEO

James founded M9 in 2007 and has over two decades of experience in the software and ERP consulting business. Prior to founding M9 Solutions, James ran the North American consulting business for Oracle Corporation. James also previously held leadership roles in business development and operations for companies including ServiceSource, Scient Corp., and Renaissance Worldwide.

David Kervin

David Kervin

COO & Chief Growth Officer

David is an award-winning public-sector CXO, leading businesses from startup stage to over 2000 employees in size in the roles of CEO, COO, Chief Strategy Officer, President, General Manager, and EVP Business Development. He also has significant experience in buy-side private equity and venture capital, having worked in diligence, deal flow, and Board of Director capacities with a variety of PE and VC organizations. David serves on multiple advisory boards of advanced technology startups and stealth tech startups and is a founding and recurring lead mentor for the Techstars Starburst Space VC Accelerator, focused on the next generation of commercial outer space technologies. David has a passion for national security-related advanced technology, borne from his time with the US Intelligence Community and his 20 year career with the US Marine Corps.

Ethel Formichelli

Ethel Formichelli

SVP, Operations

Ethel joined M9 in 2010 as a Technical Recruiter. After six years as a consistent top-performer, Ethel was promoted to Operations Manager, where she was instrumental in developing and fine-tuning the core business processes and training programs that form the backbone of M9’s highly efficient and effective recruitment process. Ethel has been promoted several times during her tenure with M9, and as of 2021 holds the position of Senior Vice President, Operations. 

Shannon Hattersley

Shannon Hattersley

SVP, Strategy & Business Development

As Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Shannon leads growth strategy, business development, capture and proposal efforts for M9 Solutions. Shannon brings 15 years of Federal consulting experience spanning delivery and growth across both large/big 4 consulting firms and small businesses. She has successfully initiated, developed, implemented, and managed global programs spanning 400+ people and 100+ locations worldwide. Ms. Hattersley is PMP certified and holds a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Senior Director of Finance

Ryan joined M9 in 2013 and oversees all finance operations including financial reporting, budget management, and financial planning and analysis. Previously, he managed intercompany finance and reporting at B2B Workforce, a Randstad company. Prior to that, he completed the management training program at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and was an AASI Certified snowboard instructor at Vail Resorts, Inc. He holds a BBA, Finance from the University of Georgia.

The M9 Core Values

  • The M9 core values serve as our guide to determine our highest priorities in business. They speak to the culture we seek, the missions we choose to support, who we hire, and how we grow.
  • The first seven core values were chosen by M9 founder and CEO James McKee and the final two core values were chosen by M9 corporate employees in a popular vote.
  • The first seven core values are representative of values the CEO learned from his father and greatest mentor, Robert Fulton McKee, a self-described “typical Irishman” who lived his life with a smile on his face, a beer in his hand, and a tear in his eye.
  • Robert encouraged his children to work and play hard and to remember to have fun while doing it. He was a true American patriot, having accomplished the rare feat of being honorably discharged from both the Army and Navy over the course of his military service.


A relentless desire to learn and improve and a refusal to take anything at face value. Curiosity drives innovation and M9 is in the business of innovation.


Do it right, the first time, every time. Don’t cut corners. M9 employees are consummate professionals who value the trust placed in them by their customers, their leaders, and their colleagues to get the job done and to get it done right.


Humility is not the absence of pride, but the absence of false pride. You can always do better. Value transparency and honest feedback and remain open to continuous improvement. Learn from failure and success in equal measure. Value the importance of the team over self.


Strive for a professional life centered on the importance of doing quality work. Maintain a strong work ethic and make steadfast and purposeful efforts toward success. Accept nothing short of excellence in your work.


Be kind to all. Don’t underestimate the power of a kind word or kind act to motivate, inspire, and effect positive change. Strive to work in a way that gives back to your colleagues, customers, community, and country.


In business, you’ll be around those who are smart and ambitious. Use them as motivation to be even better. M9 aspires to hire people who are the best in the business and who maintain an unwavering drive to win under any circumstances.


In the face of debate and strife, find a way to be professional, positive, and to have some fun. Work hard, play hard, and find enjoyment and satisfaction in doing both.


Be dependable, authentic, and trustworthy. If you say you’re going to show up, show up. Never over promise and under deliver. Believe in the truth that reliability is one key to credibility and success.


Treat everyone with dignity and respect; for their ideas, their time, their experience, and their background. Demonstrate a high regard for your customers, partners, and team and strive to be worthy of their regard as well.

Employee Recognition

The M9 Person of The Quarter Award

The M9 Core Values form the criteria used to determine the M9 Person of the Quarter. The Person of the Quarter award is based on the ability to demonstrate how the nominee embodies the nine M9 Core Values in their daily lives. Awardees receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment to the M9 Core Values, and a $1000 bonus.

The Fulton Award

The Fulton Award is named in honor of M9 founder James McKee’s father, Mr. Robert Fulton McKee. The Fulton Award recipient is chosen from the current year awardees of the M9 Person of the Quarter Award and is presented each December at the annual M9 Kick-Off Dinner. At the dinner, the Fulton Awardee is recognized for their superb contribution to M9’s culture, team, and brand. The Fulton Awardee and their “plus one” are also invited to join M9 leadership, the M9 Most Valuable Employee Awardee, and others on the all-expenses-paid annual M9 Presidents Club trip the following May. This trip typically consists of multiple days of fun in the sun at a destination beach resort. Finally, The Fulton Awardee is encouraged to take possession of the Fulton Trophy for the following year to illustrate to friends, family, and colleagues their outstanding achievement.


M9 has been recognized by numerous organizations. We are proud to highlight our dedication to excellence.


M9 believes that work should be fun, rewarding and something everyone can be excited about. We value diversity in all its forms and practice it in hiring and driving the vision of the company.