Positive Impact Award Winners – Your Hard Work is Not Going Unnoticed!

Feb 9, 2021 | Awards

Rolling out of bed for a coffee breakfast and a side of food, you show up to work every day and give it your all. We can’t help but notice there’s something about you.

The Positive Impact Award (PIA) is a means of recognizing employees with that special glow, and one that casts light on our company values, positive work culture, and ability to beat expectations. We’d like to take a moment to congratulate M9’s Positive Impact Award recipients:

Ramesh N.
Vernon S.
David B.
Kevin X.
Jim R.
Erinne E.
Zak K.

The PIA is our very own Spot Award program, allowing us to share admiration for one another. It lets you gossip about someone in all the right ways, and tell us about an action, accomplishment or attitude that went beyond the scope of their duties and day-to-day activities.

Certain individuals on this list are the subject of such talk, and have been seen working late, on weekends and on holidays to make sure the first and second round of COVID Stimulus Payments were dispatched to taxpayers on-time. Even with accelerated timelines and shifting requirements, this task was completed to spec and delivered support to an untold number of Americans when they needed it most. Thank you Ramesh N., Vernon S., David B., and Kevin X.!

Someone on this list waited out a 3+ month onboarding process only to receive the following feedback from their manager for their outstanding work: “I wanted to bring up how happy I am with Jim R. He hit the ground running before he even had full access and has been stepping in on multiple work streams. I’ve had several project managers rave to me about him and even our clients are taking notice. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on my team and wanted to let you know about what an excellent job he’s doing.” Way to go, Jim!

Another recipient is known for “making problems go away”, and while she has that much in common with Tony Soprano, she is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet and always goes out of her way to offer a helping hand. There’s a reason that she’s one of the first voices and faces a new M9 employee hears and sees, and she sets the pace with a work-hard play-hard attitude that projects collective success onto new recruits. Congratulations, Erinne!

And while a certain gentleman on this list falls into the category of new recruits, he has proven himself to be the example of a model candidate, and is even more than we could ask for. From exceptional work ethic to a fantastic attitude, he offers professionalism that is only amplified by his ability to get things done seemingly out of the blue. This was the repeated case in our talent acquisition process, during which time he not only reduced the administrative burden on our team, but came up with creative ways to streamline the entire process itself. We appreciate you, Zak!

Congratulations to our Positive Impact Award Winners, and thank you for your continued dedication and valuable contributions to M9 and their respective teams. We look forward to many more productive days at your side and providing a work environment conducive to your success.

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