M9 Solutions was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Homeland Security Summit

Nov 27, 2023 | Events

M9 Solutions was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Homeland Security Summit.

With such impressive speakers and attendees across industry and government discussing the latest acquisition and technology strategies for our country’s homeland security, the 2023 Homeland Security Summit was an amazing learning experience for our team. We were inspired by the opportunity to interact with subject matter experts and to spend quality time networking with our industry peers.

Our President and Chief Revenue Officer, Sean DuGuay, had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion focused on “Acquisition at the Speed of Need”. The panel included esteemed government and industry professionals, Mario Wilson of TSA, Dina Thompson, CPCM of TSA, David Patrick of CISA, and Tina Burnette of SAIC. Sean led by demonstrating his first encounter with artificial intelligence, and followed by introducing pressing challenges with sustainable procurement professionals, remote procurement, AI Integration, and more. The detailed discussion provided significant insight and sparked important conversations for the pertinent industry professionals in attendance.

We had the chance to hear about the direction the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is headed, and their plans to leverage AI to reduce false alarms and improve efficiency. With millions of attempted attacks daily, DHS is working on innovative applications to leverage advanced technologies that strengthen security measures, improve threat detection, and streamline operational processes. We heard firsthand from government leaders on how these efforts benefit those out in the field, and help secure the nation.

In the world of procurement, we were excited to hear that DHS is looking to partner with industry to support the mission of securing our borders. DHS Chief Procurement Officer, Paul Courtney, shared that out of the billions spent in contract awards in 2023, about $10 billion went to small businesses. As a small business, we love hearing that! M9 looks forward to participating in more procurements that leverage tech challenges and oral presentations. We stand ready to help DHS agencies look 2-5+ years out, and to deliver on the mission’s stated goals through our well-researched, transparent solutions.

Our team couldn’t give enough high praise to the Potomac Officers Club for an awesome job organizing the event. We are thrilled to sponsor again in 2024, and look forward to seeing everyone again!