Happy Navy Day!

Oct 27, 2020 | Holidays

Happy Navy Day!

What is the difference between Navy Day and the Navy Birthday? Both occur in the month of October, and both celebrate the men and women of the United States Navy past and present. The Navy celebrates its birthday on October 13, and Navy Day was established to be observed on October 27.

The Navy Birthday is recognized on the anniversary of the historic formation of the Continental Navy during the American Revolution; Navy Day was originally chosen to coincide with the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt.

While both holidays recognize the service and sacrifices of those in uniform, Navy Day is specifically about military service, where the Navy birthday celebrates the origins and history of the U.S. Navy.

You can recognize Naval service members and their dedication to their country in a variety of ways. Visit a naval museum  to learn more about the Navy’s history. Discover more about the mission of the United States Navy training, donate to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and use the hashtag #NavyDay to post on social media and thank our US Navy service members!

Thank you to all who have and are currently serving in the Navy!

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