Q1 2021 Awards Announcement

Apr 27, 2021 | Awards

After careful consideration, the M9 Management Team is thrilled to announce the winners of the Q1 2021 Awards! These awards include Person of the Quarter (Billable), Person of the Quarter (Corporate), Top Performer(s), and Positive Impact Award (PIA). Read on to find out who our winners are!

Person of the Quarter (Billable): Jim Reilly  

It’s our pleasure to announce the Billable Person of 1st Quarter 2021, Jim Reilly!

Jim is an MS O365 Teams Engineer who joined M9 in December of 2020 on a project with Accenture Federal.

Jim’s customer was so impressed with Jim’s efforts they provided us with this feedback:

“Just want to send a quick note on the outstanding help that I received from Jim. He quickly got in touch with me when the OneDrive issue came up, fixed the problem, and did a follow up with me this morning to see if it’s still working OK. He also took the time to explain things to me. In my humble opinion, Jim is a great team member that provided outstanding services.”

We couldn’t agree more, and are proud to have you with M9 Solutions, Jim! Congratulations, and enjoy your award!

Person of the Quarter (Corporate): Breanna Hemphill

It’s our pleasure to announce the Corporate Person of 1st Quarter 2021, Breanna Hemphill!

Breanna joined M9 only 6 months ago and has already proven herself a pivotal asset to the company. From the get-go, Breanna showed a capacity for teamwork and the persistence to overcome any challenge. But it was Breanna’s talent for collaboration that made the biggest impact on the Talent Acquisition (TA) team! Her professionalism and support ensured that qualified candidates were appropriately sourced and the TA team stayed up-to-date on all her prospects, resulting in joint-effort hires. It’s no wonder Breanna was recently promoted from a sourcing specialist to a full life-cycle recruiter, where her leadership skills shine through – two offers have already been accepted — and more are on the way!

You’ve got a bright future at M9 Solutions, Breanna! Congratulations, and enjoy your award!

Top Performer(s): Lacy Bradley and Harry Edgemon

It’s our pleasure to announce the Top Performers of 1st Quarter 2021, Lacy Bradley and Harry Edgemon!

Lacy has been an invaluable member of M9 since joining us all the way back on August 28, 2013. Most of us know her as one of our Senior Federal Account Executives, but Lacy is also known for her inspiring integrity, humility and the ability to get things done. Not to outdo herself, Lacy exceeded her goal and hit a 140% target in Q1 2021. And while we could never expect such phenomenal results every time, we’ll certainly take it!

Thank you for your continued excellence at M9, Lacy! Congratulations, and enjoy your award!

Harry came on board back in February of 2016 as a Senior Recruiter and has never shown anything but complete dedication to the M9 Talent Acquisition team with an open call to qualified talent. Q1 of 2021 was yet another successful quarter for Harry, who exceeded his goal by 85% — as if we didn’t have enough to aspire to! But Harry is more than a hard worker at M9, where his outgoing friendliness and uplifting attitude have a way of making colleagues more sure-footed and efficient. This effect even extends beyond his team, and one which we’ve all come to appreciate at M9.

Thank you for being such a cornerstone at M9, Harry! Congratulations, and enjoy your award!

Positive Impact Award (PIA): Firaol Tamire and Zak Kaplan

Firaol Tamire and Zak Kaplan know all about going above and beyond and were recently awarded a PIA for their contributions in data management and analytics. Practically a systems fire brigade, Firaol and Zak showed initiative in cleaning up M9’s database while improving analytics and supporting our timekeeping and accounting efforts. Their brainstorming enthusiasm and innovative thinking have pushed us ahead and made us proud to have them on board. Thank you, Firaol and Zak!